Why Grounded But Still Going?

When we realized that 2020 was going to be our year to make full-time RVing a reality, it hit me that we needed to get some things rolling. The first thing I wanted to make sure we had locked down was a Social Media presence. Primarily, I wanted to keep our families informed of where we are going and where we will be heading next and secondly, to keep our friendships alive with people we have met through the military and through photography. I already had a website for my photography business so why not just buy a new domain name and turn this website into a travel blog and educational resource for other people thinking about getting into the RV lifestyle.

So the next thing I had to do was come up with some 'catchy' name that was 'us', the Norwood's! So in June of this year we asked our friends to help us out with a little Facebook project and gave them some parameters. 

"In our quest to get a name picked out for website and YouTube channel we've come up with some great suggestions from friends and family.
I'm going to list a few and get your opinions on which you all like the best. Remember we are trying to stick with an 'aviation' theme and it will permeate through the blog and other social media posts."
Finding Our Groove
On the Downwind Leg
First Hop "RV" Style
Straight and Level Flight
Grounded but Still Going
Flying the 'Low Level' Life
Our Mid Life Crisis (I'm thinking of maybe adding a slash with the word NOT next to the Our
The Flying RV
Road Life at Ground Level
RV Grounded
These were all great suggestions and we want to thank everyone who helped us out. Ultimately, we went with "Grounded but Still Going" as the new domain name and love it.
It typifies what 2020 has been for us. In March, when the decision to retire early was interjected into our lives, it felt like a "grounding". When an airplane is grounded, it's because of some kind of airworthiness problem. When a pilot is grounded, it's generally a medical issue and he can't fly again till the FAA says he is ok.
So COVID-19 essentially "grounded" 7 years of military flying and right at 34 years of commercial aviation in a matter of days. Of course we weren't the only ones affected. There are still major repercussions for young pilots and their families but thankfully, we were closer to the end of a career than to the beginning of a career.
Despite Robert being "grounded through retirement" from ever flying a commercial plane again, we still plan to keep on traveling. It's just that our travel plans now will include a 35' Thor Hurricane instead of a Boeing 777 and we will see the US at ground level instead of 35,000' AND we will travel around 65MPH (if we are not in the mountains) instead of 400MPH indicated. (Faster if you are going with the wind)
AND the best part is this...we don't have to worry about TSA when we travel in the RV! I count that as a BONUS!
So, keep the blue side up and your airways smooth with little or no clear air turbulence! The seat belt sign has been turned on, but if you are like us, feel free to get up and move around the inside of your motorhome when it's safe to do so.
We will see you "at ground level"!