FAA's Part 107 Test Prep Course

Drones are a hot item with photographers today! But unlike most aspects of photography, drone photography requires a government certificate, when used in your professional photography business. There are several sources available for someone to get their Part 107 certificate but we have found that the best way to study for this exam is to take our course. Robert and Kathy will cover the main subject areas of the test which include Regulations, National Airspace classifications and operating requirements, weather, loading and performance and drone operations. At the end of the instructional day, our students will be administered a sample test to prepare them to take the Part 107 exam.


BIO's for both Robert and Kathy Norwood

Captain Robert Norwood has been a pilot with a major airline for over 30 years. He holds an ATP with type ratings on the B-777, B-767, B-757, MD-11, and B-727. With over 36 years of aviation experience, Robert has successfully navigated the ins and outs of the FAA regulations and the FAA's test taking process.

Robert has been a member of PPA since 2010 and with the advent of drone photography he realized that to use a drone in his business, he would have to follow the guidelines that the FAA required. Therefore, in 2016 Robert added his drone certificate to his FAA license and is beginning to incorporate drone photography into their business and help others use their drones in their photography businesses. In 2017, Robert also passed PPA's Drone Certification class and is now considered a Certified Drone Photographer along with receiving his Photographic Craftsman Degree the same year. 

Kathy has been a professional photographer since 2006 and became a Certified Professional Photographer in 2009. In 2017, she received her Photographic Craftsman degree and has been married to Robert since 1978.

Kathy's area of expertise has been in children and family photography and in teaching. She love photography and other art forms and has begun to widen out in her photographic career with providing digital painting services for other photographers. In 1994, she received her private pilot's license and has a general understanding of airspace classifications and operating requirements for pilots.

Hear what other class participants have said about the class:

"Thanks again for all you and Robert did. I truly thought I would never be able to understand everything I needed to know to pass a test like this. You guys made it so understandable! I appreciate it very much!" Laura Lockhart Bennett, Colorado Springs, CO

"Thank you so very much Robert and Kathy Norwood for providing an excellent block of instruction. Not only did you save me a lot of time trying to learn the charts and weather by myself, I walked in actually knowing how to read them and not worry about trying to remember every little question." Kirk Surber, Montgomery, Texas

You can contact either Kathy or Robert Norwood at 979-574-8353 or go to our Contact Page to set up a date to teach a class in your local areas.

Upcoming gigs...

March 31st Gulf Coast Imaging 1218 114th St. N, Texas City, Texas 77590

April 21st Texas School Pre-Con Class Intercontinental Hotel, 15201 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX 75001

June 9-10 West Coast School University of San Diego, 5998 Alcala Park, San Diego, CA 92110

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